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Introduction to the M4X Trading System. Algorithmic genius.

Benefits of the M4X Trading System

Mahler proudly introduces their M4X Trading System. An advanced system encapsulating a series of algorithms, combined with an intelligent risk and reward management module, designed to securely trade currencies on the global currency marketplace, without human intervention - except monitoring.

The M4X algorithms, each with their individual task, within each tick, scan, analyse and convert vast amounts of data into complex index-based relationship models, looking for anomalous fractal patterns, derived from historical iterations. This information serves as the basis for opening, modifying or closing of positions - in real time.

In addition to the analysis of aggregated data, the risk and reward management module is an important part of M4X. The default profile is set according to conservative parameters. The module however, offers the opportunity to incorporate custom tailored strategies. This allows license holders to manage predictable risk-to reward and profit ratios, meanwhile avoiding unnecessary risks and ultimately leading to stable results.


M4X furthermore includes several internal and external controls to prevent significant losses to participants.
Stop-loss levels are implemented and strategies foresee in spreading risk to several currency crossings.


The M4X Trading System provides seamless connectivity to a wide range of external trading platforms of choice, providing certain technical requirements are met.

M4X equips money managers, such as financial intermediaries, banks, funds, family offices, wealth managers as well as high net individuals, with a key diversification opportunity for their investment portfolio.
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