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Let’s get connected

1. Getting started

Please complete the contact form with your details. A Mahler representative will respond and arrange for a convenient time to connect.

2. Evaluation

By evaluating the licensee’s risk-to-reward and profit ratio preferences, the highly customisable M4X system parameters are determined.

3. Implementation

Based upon the pre-determined preferences and system settings, Mahler works closely together with the licensee to define a suitable licensing structure, implementation plan and launch schedule.

4. Connection

On a trading platform level of choice, the Mahler experienced programmers execute the implementation plan according to the wishes of the licensee.

5. Training

A representative of the licensee will participate in a brief trading platform account management course.

6. Launch

As per the agreed criteria, the M4X Trading System moves into the trading phase on behalf of the licensee.

It takes 1 minute

Please complete the contact form with your details. We will promptly respond and arrange a convenient time to connect.

Thanks for connecting!

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